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The Ultimate Bundle for Managing Histamine Intolerance

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Break Free from Histamine Symptoms, Improve Your Quality of Life, Learn Where to Begin to Investigate the Cause of Your Histamine Issues Without Feeling Lost and Overwhelmed.

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Are you tired of experiencing a long list of seemingly unrelated symptoms that make you feel like a medical mystery? Nasal congestion, heart palpitations, chronic reflux or heartburn, hives, eczema, nausea, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and so much more.

Are you struggling with histamine issues and feeling lost on where to begin? Have you spent countless years and thousands of dollars on doctor’s appointments that have left you with no answers? You’re not alone.

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Are you tired of the constant struggle with dietary restrictions that diminish the enjoyment of your meals and social interactions?

Furthermore, compiling a suitable food list isn’t just about what’s on your plate; it’s about fostering a positive relationship with food. Histamine sensitivity can influence not only your eating habits but also your emotional well-being, leading to stress, frustration, and even anxiety.


Not being able to get answers and feeling lost and almost giving up hope is what many of my patients tell me about their health journey with histamine issues.

Introducing The Ultimate Bundle for Managing Histamine Intolerance

In my Histamine E-Bundle I’m going to help you get from feeling lost and overwhelmed by your histamine symptoms to having a clear roadmap as to the steps you need to take to manage your histamine intolerance effectively

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Our core products, the E-Book and Video Masterclass, serve as the foundation of this invaluable package, providing in-depth knowledge and expert insight

90+ Page E-Book with over 100 References to Scientific Studies

The E-book is a comprehensive guide that provides individuals with histamine intolerance the knowledge and tools they need to understand and effectively manage their condition. By breaking down complex scientific concepts into easy-to-understand language, the E-book empowers readers to navigate the intricate web of histamine intolerance. It covers essential topics such as the causes and symptoms of histamine intolerance, functional medicine testing options, dietary interventions, and treatment strategies tailored to address the major triggers of histamine intolerance. With its invaluable insights and practical advice, the E-book serves as a roadmap, offering relief from symptoms, improved quality of life, and the opportunity for individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

32-Part Video Series – Histamine Intolerance Masterclass

The Video Masterclass is designed for audio enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding. This masterclass complements the E-Book content. Joanne expands on all major topics covered, providing in-depth explanations and insights.



💫 Step-by-Step Checklist:

Our exclusive step-by-step checklist is a powerful tool for identifying the causes of histamine intolerance. Developed based on the proven methods outlined in the E-Book, this checklist guides you through the essential steps to kickstart the process of identifying the root cause of your histamine intolerance. It's the exact checklist used in my clinical practice, trusted by my patients to uncover the underlying factors contributing to their histamine intolerance.

💫 Blood Test Guide

Wondering how standard blood tests can help you detect possible causes of histamine intolerance? Our comprehensive Blood Test Guide combines extensive research with my clinical experience to provide you with valuable insights on leveraging blood tests to identify potential triggers discussed in the E-Book. This guide empowers you to make informed decisions and collaborate effectively with your healthcare provider in your journey towards relief.

💫 SIBO Low Histamine Food List

Carefully curated by our Clinical Nutritionists, this comprehensive list is tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals dealing with SIBO, large bowel dysbiosis, and histamine intolerance. Discover a variety of foods that support your well-being, offering a practical guide to navigating your nutritional journey and promoting a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle.

By including these bonus products, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit that goes beyond the core offerings of the E-Bundle. The step-by-step checklist streamlines your journey towards identifying the causes of histamine intolerance, while the Blood Test Guide empowers you to navigate standard blood tests with confidence. And, naturally, the SIBO Low Histamine Food List guarantees that you not only adhere to a therapeutic protocol but also enjoy meals that are both gratifying and advantageous for your well-being.

Histamine Intolerance E-Book

This 90+ Page E-Book will teach you:
  • The science of histamine intolerance.
  • What histamine intolerance actually is.
  • How histamine is made in the body.
  • How histamine is broken down in the body.
  • The symptoms of histamine intolerance.
  • The 13 major causes of histamine intolerance, being: (Helicobacter pylori, Digestive enzyme insufficiency, SIBO, Gluten intolerance, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Oxalates, Candida, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Foods, Oestrogen, Methylation issues, Genetic polymorphisms, Medications).
  • The testing I use in my clinical practice to help identify and confirm the causes of histamine intolerance.
  • The treatment options including dietary advice, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements for each of the underlying causes of histamine intolerance I use to get successful results with my own patients.
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This E-book takes complicated science and breaks it down into easily comprehensible language.

32+ Video Series - Histamine Intolerance Masterclass

This 32-part video series will teach you:
  • How histamine works in the body.
  • Why there are so many symptoms of histamine intolerance.
  • All the symptoms of histamine intolerance.
  • How enzymes break down histamine (DAO, HNMT).
  • The causes of dysbiosis and inflammation that drive histamine intolerance.
  • How dysbiosis and inflammation reduce DAO enzyme activity.
  • The signs and symptoms of SIBO (they’re not just gut symptoms!).
  • How to recognize SIFO symptoms including oxalates.
  • The drivers of histamine intolerance from the large intestine.
  • How foods including FODMAPs and resistant starch can drive histamine intolerance.
  • How leaky gut is a driver of histamine intolerance including the causes of leaky gut and how identifying the cause is essential for gut healing.
  • How Helicobacter pylori can cause histamine intolerance.
  • How digestive enzymes insufficiency including hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes, bile acids and brush border enzymes, can cause histamine intolerance.
  • How gluten intolerance including Celiac Disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy can cause histamine intolerance.
  • How oxalates are a major driver of histamine intolerance and treatment options for reducing oxalate.
  • The link between oestrogen and histamine and how to support oestrogen detoxification.
  • MTHFR misconceptions and why taking methyls can make symptoms worse when you have high histamine.
  • Why you need to know your homocysteine levels before supporting methylation?
  • Important makers to look for when choosing a stool test.
  • Treatment options.

My Step-by-Step Checklist for Identifying Histamine Intolerance Issues

  • Based on what you will learn in the E-Book, this handy checklist details step by step the first and most important things you need to do to begin the process of identifying the cause of your histamine intolerance. This checklist is what I use in my clinical practice to identify the root cause of histamine intolerance in all of my patients.

Blood Test Guide for Histamine Intolerance

  • The blood test guide is an accumulation of research and my own clinical experience on how to use standard blood tests to detect possible causes of histamine intolerance.

    These blood tests include:

  • Full blood count (red blood cells and white blood cells)
  • Biochemistry (electrolytes and liver function)
  • Anion gap
  • Vitamins and Minerals (serum B12, Active B12, serum folate, red blood cell folate, plasma zinc, serum copper, vitamin D, iodine)
  • Fasting homocysteine
  • Iron studies

  • You will learn how standard blood tests can assist with:

  • Identifying possible nutrient deficiencies
  • Identifying possible gut issues (Helicobacter pylori, SIBO, large bowel dysbiosis, Candia)
  • Identifying possible gluten intolerance
  • Identifying possible digestive enzyme insufficiency
  • Identifying methylation issues
  • Identifying oestrogen dominance

SIBO Low Histamine Food List

  • The SIBO Low Histamine Foodlist provides essential guidance for individuals navigating the complexities of histamine intolerance while managing SIBO and large bowel dysbiosis. Emphasizing a balanced and varied diet, the list simplifies meal planning with easy-to-follow guidelines, allowing individuals to explore diverse and delicious choices. Approved by experts, the food list serves as an educational tool, promoting dietary awareness and supporting symptom management. Its flexibility empowers individuals to adapt meals to their preferences while adhering to the requirements of a low histamine diet, contributing to an overall health-conscious lifestyle.

“This program transformed my health & my life!”

Joanne’s expertise on histamine intolerance is exceptional. Her book sheds light on the gut-related issues causing excessive histamine in the body. The recommended diet she suggests has been effective for me. It’s a valuable resource for understanding and managing histamine intolerance. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking insights and solutions for this condition.



Hi, my name is Joanne Kennedy, I'm a Sydney-based Naturopath specializing in MTHFR, methylation, and histamine intolerance.

My expertise in these areas also makes me a specialist in gut issues (SIBO, dysbiosis, candida, oxalates) and women’s hormonal issues (PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, peri-menopause). These conditions often contribute to methylation issues and histamine intolerance.

In my 9 years of clinical practice, I’ve treated numerous patients with histamine intolerance and conducted extensive research. I’ve gained in-depth knowledge of histamine production, breakdown, causes of high histamine, and effective treatment options.

With a successful clinical practice in Sydney and global online consultations, I not only provide patient care but also train other practitioners to detect histamine intolerance and implement successful treatment protocols.

I’m excited to offer easy-to-understand E-Products that consolidate my clinical experience and research on this complex topic.

Sydney Naturopath Joanne Kennedy

Benefits of the E-Bundle

The Ultimate Histamine Intolerance E-Bundle, is a transformative resource that will guide you towards a sense of empowerment and clarity. Here’s what you can expect from this invaluable package:

1. Evidence-Based Approach

The inclusion of over 100 references ensures that you have access to reliable sources and can confidently make informed decisions about your health.

2. Simplified Explanations of Complex Science

Gain a solid understanding of histamine, including its production and breakdown within the body.

3. Comprehensive Symptom List

Identify the wide range of signs and symptoms associated with histamine intolerance, affecting multiple body systems.

4. Understanding the Histamine-Oestrogen Connection

Explore the interplay between histamine and oestrogen, particularly its impact on the menstrual cycle.

5. In-Depth Coverage of Major Causes

Discover the 13 major causes of histamine intolerance, recognising the specific signs and symptoms associated with each cause.

6. Functional Testing Insights

Learn about available testing options, preferred functional testing companies, and specific tests to request for each cause.

7. Blood Test Guidance

Find guidance on what to look for in standard blood tests, enabling you and your doctor to identify potential causes of histamine intolerance.

8. Treatment Approaches

Obtain valuable advice on treating the root causes of your histamine intolerance. The E-Book provides dietary interventions, supplements, and herbal medicine tailored to address these causes.

9. Food List

Enjoy a diverse range of foods that contribute to a balanced diet, providing you with the essential nutrients your body requires for optimal functioning.

10. Collaboration with Healthcare Providers

The E-Bundle serves as a collaborative tool, empowering you to share insights with your healthcare provider.

11. Empowerment

Feel confident and empowered with the knowledge to navigate and manage histamine intolerance effectively.

12. Enhanced Quality of Life

Experience an improved quality of life as you gain relief from symptoms, regain energy, and regain control over your health and well-being.

Is Histamine intolerance affecting your:


Ability to enjoy a restaurant meal with your friends and family?


Work performance due to migraines, fatigue, brain fog and slow cognitive functioning?


Sleep quality due to chronic anxiety, insomnia or skin irritation from eczema or hives?

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Exercise tolerance. Histamine levels can increase due to exercise.

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Relationships as no one understands your condition!

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Ability to get off your medications that are controlling your histamine symptoms but causing other side effects!

But, you do have a choice, by starting here TODAY

You have the choice to feel:


By gaining a deep understanding of histamine intolerance and its management, you'll feel empowered to take control of your health. The knowledge and strategies provided in the E-Bundle will enable you to make informed decisions, advocate for your needs, and actively participate in your own well-being.


The E-Bundle offers practical solutions and targeted approaches to address histamine intolerance. As you implement the recommended strategies and see improvements in your symptoms, a sense of hope will arise. You'll feel optimistic about the possibility of finding relief and achieving a better quality of life.


Individuals with histamine intolerance often have a primary goal: to alleviate the troublesome symptoms they face. By implementing the recommended dietary interventions, supplements, and herbal remedies in the E-Bundle, you can expect a noticeable decrease in symptoms. This alleviation will bring about a deep sense of comfort and relief.


Armed with the knowledge and insights from the E-Bundle, you'll gain confidence in managing your histamine intolerance. You'll understand the triggers and causes specific to your condition, allowing you to make informed choices about your diet, lifestyle, and treatment options. This confidence will contribute to a greater sense of self-assurance and control.


The E-Bundle provides you with a roadmap towards long-term wellness. As you make progress in managing histamine intolerance and witness improvements in your overall health, you'll feel a growing sense of optimism. You'll believe in the possibility of living a balanced and fulfilling life, free from the limitations imposed by histamine intolerance.


Real Results


A valuable asset for anybody suffering from histamine issues

I'm a Nutritional Therapist and first heard Joanne talking on the FX Medicine podcast. I was impressed with the way that Joanne managed to convey so much vital information very succinctly. The same goes for her Histamine E-book, which has proved invaluable to me as a practitioner, but would also be a valuable asset for anybody suffering from histamine issues as it is well laid out and easy to understand. Highly recommended! - Kate Fisk

Her book opened my eyes on many gut related issues caused by histamine

Joanne is such an expert on histamine intolerance, her book opened my eyes on many gut related issues caused by too much histamine in my body and her recommended diet seems to work well. - Tanti Susiliwati

I gained so much knowledge from this book and it helped me link so many pieces to my missing puzzle.

Joanne’s book was easy to read and so jam packed full of well researched information. I gained so much knowledge from this book and it helped me link so many prices to my missing puzzle. The food lists were an incredible help. I was blown away by the content. Thank you for taking the time to share this information with us Joanne. - Melissa De Groot

Her histamine E-book is so well organised, helpful, and easy to understand.

Joanne is incredibly knowledgeable! Her histamine E-book is so well organised, helpful, and easy to understand. Thank you! - Susan Taylor

Joanne has completely turned around my health.

When I went to her I had almost lost hope of getting better. Thanks to her treatment protocol I have fixed hormonal and gut health issues, and I have also recovered from histamine intolerance. I'm now eating foods again that I thought I'd never be able to. I can't recommend her enough! - Kate Gwynne

Joanne Kennedy is absolutely exceptional. I knew that I was going to an expert in the field when I started to search for answers to my physical and mental struggles.

I came to her with mood fluctuations, random anxiety and with pain throughout my body. I also had limited energy and was dealing with brain fog and digestive struggles on a consistent basis. I had no idea as to what was driving these challenges. I had tried so many other approaches and modalities without a significant improvement. When I had my first appointment with Joanne, I had so much clarity as to what had been going on, with a clear plan of where we were going next. What I really appreciate about Joanne is that she has an actual treatment plan with testing, instead of randomly guessing. There is a measured approach with so much value. After seeing Joanne, all of the symptoms that I was struggling with are gone. I am so excited to continue the journey with her as I learn so much about the body in every session. If you want a solid conclusion to your struggles in body and mind, Joanne is your go to. I cannot recommend her highly enough, with such gratitude for my life that I have back now as a result of her guidance. Thank you Joanne! - Peter Williams

Joanne's Histamine Intolerance E-Book is full of important, useful and detailed information for figuring out how to treat the root cause of Histamine Intolerance

It's the best starting point for anyone trying to treat the root cause of their Histamine Intolerance symptoms. It's the only resource that has led me to real improvements in my symptoms, as I'm currently still in treatment. - Tommy McDonald

Joanne is an amazingly talented naturopath.

I have been chronically ill for six years and during this time I developed histamine issues which no other practitioner could diagnose or treat. Joanne took a detailed history, ordered necessary tests which confirmed her initial diagnosis and most importantly set me on a path of recovery with various supplements. I have been seeing her for the past two months and my progress is impressive! I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough. She is a great listener, she is sympathetic and her knowledge of histamine issues is truly extensive. I just wish I had found her sooner! - Diana Lewis

Joanne has been amazing. After suffering hormonal and digestive issues for years with a culmination the last year she has actually been able to help get all my symptoms under control.

She took a thorough history in order to make her diagnosis and it just felt so nice to be understood and listened too. I can honestly say Joanne has improved my life dramatically in the past 6 weeks and I am so grateful that I found her. - Ashley Longstaff

Highly recommend Joanne Kennedy. I had been to multiple "top specialists" for gut, hormone and histamine intolerance issues prior to finding Joanne.

Each specialist had no interest getting to the root cause and instead tried to prescribe me with drugs that had serious consequences and didn't fix my symptoms. By this point, I was experiencing a lot of pain and had been misdiagnosed multiple times. I'm so glad I came across Joanne's site and booked in for a consultation. I'm glad to say I'm feeling SO much better in a few short months. I wouldn't know where I'd be today if I hadn't found Joanne! - Gemma Cocks

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Special Offer: Get my Ultimate Histamine Intolerance Bundle.