Joanne conducts seminars on a range of popular health topics in the workplace (corporate offices, off-site conference venues, yoga studios, pilates studios and gyms). Seminars go for approximately 45minutes which includes 15 minutes question and answer time.

Fatigue, poor sleep, stress, anxiety, lack on concentration and poor eating habits are all too common in our modern fast paced society.   All of these contribute to poor work performance and productivity.

During these sessions Jo will educate and inspire your employees to improve their health and wellbeing and improve workplace productivity. Your employees will take away practical tips they can apply to their everyday lives straight away.

Popular topics include:

  • Everyday eating for mental stamina and focus
  • Common food myths
  • Nutrition for women’s health
  • Nutrition to support immune function



Joanne Kennedy came in to give a nutrition seminar to help us understand how to improve our energy, focus and productivity at work. The seminar was extremely informative as Joanne shared her knowledge from a wide range of science-based topics to help us navigate the often confusing area of nutrition. The seminar also provided us with many practical tips to take away and use in our everyday lives, in particular the segment on busting the many food myths that are out there. Joanne’s friendly approach made for a light-hearted and engaging seminar, and she was always more than happy to answer our many questions. The feedback on the seminar was overwhelmingly positive from all our staff members, and people came away feeling much better equipped to plan a nutritious diet. Overall, this seminar was a great way to boost our nutritional knowledge and lead us well on the way to being healthy, happy and motivated at work!
Wavelength International


Sydney Naturopath, Joanne Kennedy is available to assist with natural anxiety, depression and stress solutions. For appointments please email Joanne at or call 0400 658 003.