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Histamine, homocysteine and health podcast
In this Podcast, we discuss:​
  • The role of homocysteine in methylation
  • Implications of low homocysteine
  • Testing for homocysteine
  • Where to focus treatment
  • Cautions in treatment
  • Microbiota testing
  • Signs & symptoms of oxalate toxicity
  • Cautions of using B6 in driving down homocysteine
  • Addressing the root cause of low homocysteine
In this Podcast, Jo chat's to Dr Kenneth Brown, MD & Eric Rieger, CRNA from Texas, USA

What crosses your mind when you or someone that you love experiences dizziness, random mouth sores, mood changes, muscle weakness…? It could be something as basic as a virus. It could also be a vitamin B12 deficiency or folate issue related to Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR).

All of the way from Australia, Joanne Kennedy BHSc was kind enough to join the GCP and address some the most perplexing metabolic issues that we face today.

In this episode you will hear more about the intricate science, presentation, symptoms, and treatment around these imbalanced vitamins and amino acids. If you’ve ever been concerned about homocysteine, folate, B12, anemia, and related issues, this episode has a wealth of knowledge that you can use.

sibo, methylation and histamine: The gut skin connection podcast
In this episode, Jacinta & Joanne discuss:​
  • What is methylation
  • How much does MTHFR really impact methylation?
  • How to identify red flags in a clients presentation for further investigation
  • What markers to investigate to understand methylation status
  • Causes of high & low homocysteine
  • Understanding SIBO and its impact on methylation
  • Methylation connection with histamine intolerance
  • The methylation, histamine, SIBO, skin, and hormone connection
  • Treatment strategies for supporting methylation
  • Common errors made in supplementation for methylation
histamine intolerance podcast
In this podcast, Joanne discusses:​
  • What is histamine intolerance?
  • Treatment for histamine-related conditions
  • How mould causes histamine intolerance and MCAS
  • Joanne’s E-book on histamine intolerance
  • How histamine impacts menopause and peri-menopause
  • What stage is science at with research into histamine?
  • Why entrepreneurs are needed in this area
  • Treating the whole body as a whole
Mthfr, methylation and histamine podcast
In this episode, you can look forward to learning:​​
  • What is the MTHFR gene mutation;
  • How the MTHFR gene mutation affects our health;
  • How the MTHFR mutation affects children;
  • The link between allergies and intolerances in children with an MTHFR mutation;
  • How MTHFR mutations are linked with ASD and mood disorders;
  • Joanne dives deeper into her specialty area of women’s hormones and shares why women with MTHFR mutations are more likely to experience problems with hormone imbalances.

This episode is a bit different from our regular episodes as we are deep diving into the complexities of MTHFR gene mutations, methylation, and histamine intolerance. So make sure you’ve had a coffee, the brain is switched on and you’re ready to learn from our experienced, and highly-qualified guest naturopath Joanne Kennedy in this episode.

Dear menopause podcast with Joanne Kennedy
In this episode, Sonya Lovell & Joanne discuss:
  • The symptoms and signs of estrogen dominance and histamine intolerance
  • Why the menopause transition can elevate histamine levels
  • How Joanne can identify the causes of high histamine in your body
  • Detoxifying estrogen and reducing histamine-high foods can improve metabolic health and symptoms
Natural medicine podcast with Joanne Kennedy
In this podcast, Joanne and Andrew Whitfield-Cook will talk about:

Histamine intolerance is a growing concern, but confusion still surrounds its prevalence, diagnosis and treatment. Certainly histamine is far more than a biogenic amine which causes runny nose, flushing and other allergy symptoms. Indeed, histamine is involved in a diverse array of metabolic processes from regulation of temperature, normal sebum production and stomach acid release to estrogen metabolism, acne, brain fog and a multitude of gastrointestinal symptoms often ascribed to other conditions. Today Joanne Kennedy takes us through her clinical experience with histamine intolerance and what drove her to write an E-Book and other resources for practitioners to learn about this confounding condition.

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