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Nice to meet you,
My name is Joanne Kennedy & I’m a highly experienced Naturopath, MTHFR and histamine intolerance specialist.
As an experienced Naturopath, my goal is to help those who suffer from chronic health issues improve their everyday health.
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Dear those suffering from Histamine Intolerance…


As a naturopath, I have come to understand that histamine intolerance is one of the most common health issues people are suffering with. 


The discrepancy between the lack of knowledge by doctors and the large number of people who are suffering from it is extreme. 


This discrepancy is leaving people bewildered, overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, financially drained and sick.


This book is a resource for the astounding amount of people that suffer from histamine intolerance. 


From working with my own patients, I understand many of you have gone undiagnosed and misunderstood for years. 


I also understand that many of you have even had to put the pieces together yourself with your own research to find out you even have histamine intolerance. 


I wanted to write this book to educate people that histamine intolerance is the symptom of an underlying health condition and that simply following a low histamine diet will never fix the problem.


This is a misconception that I often see in patients who come to me with histamine issues.


From my clinical experience, I understand that the frustration lies with the seemingly endless cycle of eliminating histamine foods, then reintroducing them again only to find you have another histamine flare up.


If this is happening to you, you are not addressing the root cause.


I also wanted to write this book to provide you with guidance as to how to start identifying and testing for all the potential root causes of histamine intolerance.


This is a great resource you can use alongside working with your doctor, naturopath or nutritionist.


I’m truly passionate about educating people on how to manage their histamine intolerance as many of the symptoms including migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and eczema can be extremely debilitating.


The good news is that for many people, once the root cause is identified and treated properly, the symptoms subside.


This book draws on years of clinical experience treating hundreds and hundreds of patients with histamine intolerance.


I’ve also spent countless hours reading medical journal articles on histamine intolerance, related causes and potential treatments.


It is my sincere hope that this book helps you work towards a manageable solution to your histamine issues.



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