“Joanne has helped me immensely with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), after years of oingoing sympotms and numerous visits to doctors, specialists, blood tests and a constant serach for solutions.  Joanne has wokred from the root cause of the problem, not just a band aid cover up to make you feel a bit better because of a loack of understandking on how to fix the problem.  She is very approachable and sincerely listens and asks lots of questions to get to the bottom of the cause.  I highly recommend Joanne, she is very knowledgeable ni her field and really wants to help you heal.  Thank you for making me feel great”. 

Deniz (Sydney)



“What a uplifting experience! Jo has changed my life! I have suffered from weekly migraines for 20 years and that has changed to once a month or less and much milder when I do get one! I have seen professors and specialist doctors over the years and been prescribed every drug under the sun with no effect (except making me zombie like!). I have even tried Botox! Jo picked it in one session! For me it was too much histamine. Easy fix with a change in diet! Go see her! She gets it! Jo explained things in a really easy to understand way that made really good sense to me. Life without worrying about getting a migraine is amazing!”

N. Reader (Sydney)



“In my pursuit for health and wellness, living with Endometriosis, I have seen many, many practitioners throughout my almost 30 year roller coaster ride. I have learned that Women living with Endo need to be an active advocate for their health and wellbeing, they also need practitioners supporting them, who are completely up to date with the latest understandings of this chronic illness, as well as willing to learn from their clients. Effective care that works for one woman living with Endo, does not necessarily work for the next woman. Therefore treatment of the complex web of symptoms that can present with Endometriosis, requires patience, gentleness and great compassion. This is what I have found in Joanne.

Joanne, has also been able to educate me, clearly, about MTHFR and improving methylation process, when all other practitioners had dismissed it’s importance with regards to my health and wellbeing. Joanne had helped to identify high levels of histamine within my body, which presented to me identically as Endometriosis symptoms; such as chronic adrenal fatigue and painful bloating. This has been a vital piece in the puzzle, as I was already eating an immaculate organic wholefood diet, and nothing was making sense. I share this detail because, I am sure there are other Women, struggling through the complex foggy maze of Endometriosis symptoms who are not able to clearly identify what is what, and what can be quickly and effectively treated and ticked off the list, so to speak. What is most important; is that Joanne has helped me drastically improve my daily wellbeing: physically, mentally and emotionally. This has given me much needed relief, space and a renewed vigor to passionately create even greater levels of wellness, while living with Endometriosis”.

Tam Jones (Sydney)


“I’ve suffered from major depression and premenstrual dysphoric disorder for many years. I’ve tried all the classes of anti-depressants with only marginal improvement in my symptoms. The pharmaceutical drugs have heaps of side effects and no matter the dose or the drug combination, when I am on them I remain so debilitated that I can spend two weeks out of every month in a foetal position. My depression places a huge strain on my relationships and makes work and study desperately hard. I’ve spent years going to see doctors and specialists who ultimately give up on me or patronised me because they can’t seem to find a solution to my problem.

By the time I came to see Jo I was at my wit’s end. I’d tried everything. Jo took a thorough history and did a series of blood tests. It turns out that I have a genetic abnormality with the MTHFR gene which means I can’t adequately produce serotonin. This is the reason why I didn’t respond to the anti-depressants. She gave me supplements and helped me with my diet. The result has been unbelievable. Jo’s help has changed my life. Her diagnosis and interventions were founded on scientific research. She was patient and caring and she didn’t give up. I am so much more functional now. I really don’t know how to express my gratitude”.

K. Moloney (Sydney)



“Having suffered irregular and absent periods since puberty, at 21 I decided to see a naturopath in the hopes of receiving advice other than the typical”why don’t you just take the Pill?” After seeing Jo, I knew I was on the right track as she took the time to comprehensively discuss my diet, lifestyle and medical history, so as to identify and treat the cause of my amenorrhea naturally and holistically. As a vegan, it was important to me to find a practitioner who would work with my beliefs and for this reason, I am so glad Jo respected my decisions and took the time to plan nutritionally balanced vegan meals with me. To help things along, she also prescribed  some herbs and I cant express how thrilled I am that within 60 days of my first consultation, I had my first normal period in years. With Jo’s help, I know I’m finally on my way to achieving regular menstrual cycles and I could not be happier or more grateful”.

N. O’Neil (Sydney)



“I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. There was rarely a time when I didn’t feel tired, anxious and moody. I also suffered from eating disorders and never felt comfortable in my own skin. I was taking antidepressants that did not seem to work for me as I was just getting worse and worse.

Being treated by Joanne has literally saved my life. After working together to correct my nutrient deficiencies and change my eating habits, I can now truly say I have my life back. I feel energised, positive and motivated. During the course of treatment with Jo I was able to reduce my dose of antidepressants and I am now so happy to say that I no longer take any antidepressant medication after 20 years of being on them.  I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough”.

V. Hendricks (Sydney)



“Before I came to see Joanne Kennedy, I was suffering from chronic fatigue for years. My fatigue was so bad it was affecting my mood. I felt sad, overwhelmed and would get very stressed easily.  At times I felt depressed due to my fatigue.  I saw numerous doctors and had many bloods tests done.  The results always came back within the normal ranges from the pathology labs so the doctors couldn’t see any issues with my results.  It wasn’t until I saw Joanne in clinic and she evaluated my blood tests, that numerous results were considered sub-optimal. What I have learnt form Joanne is that pathology result ranges are too broad and if you are at the upper or lower end of the range, there is likely to be problem that needs to be addressed.  After correcting my nutrient deficiencies I felt a significant improvement in my energy straight away.  I no longer feel fatigued. My energy is great day to day.  I’m handling stress a lot better, my mood is better, I no longer feel sad or depressed.  Overall I feel fantastic!  I highly recommend Joanne as a Naturopath.  She is very knowledgeable, caring and supportive”.

A. Van der Meer (Sydney)



“Joanne Kennedy is the perfect example of a practitioner who is dedicated to real solutions, positive changes and true understanding of her clients. She has resolved many of my complex health issues including my histamine intolerance by taking the time and having the insight to think laterally and intelligently about where my body may be out of balance.  I would not be feeling so fantastic and enjoying life to this extent were it not for her professional support!”

V. Heath (Sydney)


“For more than twenty years I have suffered from recurring dermatitis. Itchy skin, head, neck, face, ears – sometimes it has been excruciating, preventing me from sleeping or working easily. Over this period, I have gone to countless dermatologists, undergone countless tests and every time I have been provided with the same unwanted news – “Take this topical treatment (cortisone, tar-based treatments, (sometimes antibiotics) and learn to live with it. Don’t get stressed as much. Don’t aggravate things. There is no cure”.

Joanne looked at the problem differently and figured I had histamine issues. She prescribed me products that reduced the effect of histamine. I have not had itchy skin since I started taking her advice. It is a miracle (at least as I see it).

I wish I had known about her twenty years ago. The relief is extraordinary”

J. Tobin (Sydney)


“Before treated by Joanne for my MTHFR gene and methylation issues, I had been to four western medical practitioners over the course of three years. They told me my debilitating fatigue and associated complaints were simply imagined. I felt dismissed and utterly defeated and disheartened.

A friend recommended Joanne to me and after the initial consultation I immediately felt validated and reassured. Three to four weeks later I began to feel amazing benefits. My energy increased dramatically, my anxiety decreased: and now has completely gone.

I felt the benefits immediately and since my first consultation and I continue to feel better and better. This has been life changing for me and I think Joanne is fabulous. I would recommend her without reservation”.

Anne (Victoria)


“I’ve been a patient of Joanne’s since September 2017.  Prior to working with Joanne I suffered from severe eczema, hives, fatigue and excruciating period pains all my life. My eczema covered the back of my knees so bad I was unable to walk and was in hospital a number of times. I would break out in hives and a rash across my arms, face and neck regularly after eating. My period pains were so painful I was unable to attend work for the 1st day and would need to take pain killers for the duration of my period. I was feeling really depressed as I had been to see so many people but no one was able to help me.

Finally, I found Joanne and she changed my life forever.  Joanne was able to identify the underlying issue behind my health problems. Over the past few months I’ve been working with Joanne on my histamine intolerance and she has helped me change my diet and take the appropriate supplements to get my histamine intolerance under control. The severe eczema behind my legs has now healed, I went from not being able to walk properly in August to now being able to exercise 6 times a week. The eczema across my face, neck and arms has completely gone. Over the past 5 months I’ve broken out into hives only a few times. Prior to seeing Joanne I was breaking out into hives at least 3 times a day. My period pain has considerable decreased and I’ve only had to take painkillers twice over the last 5 months.

After years of suffering with these health issues and spending so much money looking for answers, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Joanne. I know understand my body and my triggers so I can manage my health with her support. I’m so grateful for the past 5 months with Joanne and I’m looking forward to living a more normal life now that I’m not constantly itchy, in pain or embarrassed about my skin”

K. Wiggins (Sydney)