I recently had a patient present to me in clinic with whole body eczema. She was suffering from intense itching, raised red rash, thinned skin on her eyelids, painful cracks in her skin that had become infected and thickened plaque from where she had continuously rubbed her skin.


She also presented with other signs of histamine intolerance including headache, dizziness, insomnia, hayfever and sinusitis. Her stress levels were also significantly high.


I want to share with you how effective treatment of histamine can be for eliminating eczema and give you some key tips on what you can do to start reducing your histamine load today.


After the initial consultation and identification of her underlying histamine intolerance, I prescribed a low histamine diet to reduce the overall load of histamine in her body and an Activated B Vitamin Complex to start addressing any MTHFR or methylation cycle issues. I also referred her for a comprehensive digestive stool analysis to identity the presence any histamine bacteria in her gut.


At her first follow up consultation two weeks later, the patient reported significant reduction in eczema across her entire body, no itching during the day and significantly less itching during the night.  She had no headache or dizziness over the past 2 weeks and sleep had improved.


Results of her stool test showed a significant overgrowth of Klebisella which is a histamine releasing bacteria. I prescribed a gut protocol including herbs and a probiotic to get rid of the Klebsiella.


At the second follow up appointment two weeks later, the patient reported that since being on the gut protocol her skin had never been better. Her eczema was almost 100% gone. She had had no headache or dizziness, her sleep was great and she had not had any hayfever or sinusitis.   I then prescribed her the DAO enzyme to help her start reintroducing histamine foods back into her diet.


3 key things for treatment of this patient 


1. Even though she had no obvious signs of gut issues, it’s always important to do a stool test to identify and treat any histamine releasing bacteria, as it often shows up on the skin as eczema.

2. Reducing histamines in the diet can give quiet significant relief from eczema very quickly.

3. Taking Activated B Vitamins will support the methylation pathways and the production of SAMe which reduces histamine in the body. 


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Author: Joanne Kennedy

Joanne Kennedy is a degree qualified Naturopath practising in the Sydney CBD. Areas of speciality include: MTHFR, Women’s hormones; stress, fatigue and insomnia; anxiety & depression; gut/digestive health; and histamine intolerance. Jo has helped hundreds of patients with chronic and complicated health issues gain control of their health and finally heal.

Jo is currently seeing patients in the Sydney CBD at Sydney Health & Wellness Centre and via Skype. For appointments call Jo on 0400 658 003 or email